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Unincorporated F.B.O.

CoVest in
Your Future

iCovest is a new International Faith Based Organization driving an "Old Paradigm" of Biblical Stewardship through the Body of Christ and into the world.


Our Not-for-Profit Capital

Management Strategies

iCovest is a faith based movement operating by rule of necessity as an Unincorporated F.B.O.  Our members are typically ministries from around the world who have gathered their parishioners in private association to Cooperatively Vest ("CoVest")  from their Time, Talents & Treasures.  It is our hope to change the current poverty paradigm of sewing and reaping from a donation tray, to the proper application of biblical principals of stewardship.

We're Committed to
Responsible Stewardship

Many ministries today are truly facing financial challenges brought on by a myriad of economic downturns, job loss, increasing mortality rates due to generational cycles, and simply put, fewer donations.

At iCovest, we teach our members how to leverage the seeds of provision that God has endowed to each ministry. Through the power of syndication, we are able to establish lucrative cash flows that can assist each of our ministries and their parishioners to achieve their mission purpose and God's will in each valuable life here on earth.

Mission Outreach

We are in fact a "Ministry of Finance," using the very principals of sound Biblical Stewardship to guide each of our ministries and members into a more prosperous position for effective outreach.

Through our digital curriculum and worshipful labor force, we simply teach our Ambassadors how to both evangelize and exemplify our ministry as Holy (Set Apart) from the currently broken paradigm of most "Non-Profit" and other Churches who simply spend the donations they receive.

Our Ambassadors know that you don't eat the seed that God has provided you with, but rather it is wiser to cultivate a harvest and distribute the yield thru each of our ministries working together, empowered as "One Body" (Shema).

With God,


are Possible! 

~ Matthew 19:26

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