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Unincorporated F.B.O.

About Us

The iCovest ministry is not so much an organization as it is an exemplary movement designed to change the broken paradigm of traditional Church and Non-Profit financial models.  Our ministry is defined by our Biblical view on how a selfless organization should in fact act and steward the resources it has been granted by God in accordance with His doctrinal precepts and Word. 


We are an "Acts Based Ministry"  


Our community is built upon a people who choose to freely give and receive in "Covenant" rather than to obligate others to repay for services or goods provided in "Contract."  In so doing, our people may be set free from the self-imposed shackles of indentured servitude and institutional slavery brought upon by suffocating debt.

By changing how we interact and exchange value between each other in society, we can truly achieve that very goal together!

Our community is assembled in Private Member Association operating by "Rule of Necessity" as an Unincorporated Faith Based Organization. As such, privacy is paramount to each of our bona fide participant members. We are in fact, mandatory excepted as an International Sovereign Ecclesiastical State from any obligation to report, respond, or interact with any commercial enforcement agent or governmental authority. 

We simply tend to our Father's business, and seek to do good work that may truly be judged under the watchful eye of our Father who art in Heaven.

Ministry Focus

As a sort of "Ministry of Finance", we hold to a Biblical Blueprint for Stewardship and Strategic Philanthropy. When weighed against the 14 qualifying attributes presented and observed by the IRS. as what they deem to be a qualified "Church," we supersede such guideline, as we are in fact not a "Church" (Undefined by the IRS), but a Sovereign Ecclesia ("Called Out Ones") .

Our curriculum at iCovest.Academy is taught both online, and every week, we hold 5 services (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat).  With an outreach team of Ambassadors, we interact with the general public, and also hold many Private Member gatherings throughout our interdependent communities that may occur multiple times, and on any given day.

Asset Portfolio

Members of iCovest operating on the principles of the Book of Acts collectively seek to syndicate their Time, Talent and Treasure to capitalize and grow collective pool of assets that can be further leveraged to generate a perpetual flow of capital for each of our ministries.

Through a series of Integrated Auxiliary Trusts, we have categorically amassed real property in the form of: Precious Metals, Real Estate, Businesses, and Trust Owned Life Insurance.  By leveraging the collective private equity of these assets, our Ministry is able to generate significant capital resources to deploy across a multitude of social development projects and ecclesiastically owned businesses.  Active bona fide Members are also eligible to receive rewards and royalties concomitant with their interdependent Relationship and Royalty Sharing Covenants.




As the old saying of Maimonides goes, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." At iCovest, our Members are not in this world to just take, but rather we are here to give back.  It is in the heart of each and every Ambassador, Strategic Philanthropist, and Community Leader to not only help and serve one another, but to teach others to reach others and exponentially grow the syndicated resources of our Ecclesiastical State.

This process in fact cuts the "X-Curve" for the accumulation of appreciative assets that generate community cash flows where every bona fide participant Member may benefit pursuant to their Relationship and Royalty Sharing Covenant.

iCovest because iCare

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