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Unincorporated F.B.O.


Our strategy works for anyone!
Our ministry stewardship program implements time tested Accelerated Banking Strategies that will boost your financial resources whether you’re an active Sponsoring Assembly (Ministry) or a bona fide participating Member.


Strategic Philanthropists of iCovest are ready to meet you where you are, no matter how big or small.


Our Members are never alone!  Through our iCovest Academy, each one, is taught to teach one, to reach one.  With an extensive on going school of evangelism, we are able to teach our progeniture to create lasting legacies built upon wise stewardship and perpetual provisions.

Infinite Banking

w/Cash Flow

Ditch your checking accounts and amortized institutional loans and learn how to use our system to increase your net positive cash flow.  Then accelerate your "X-Curve" with our asymmetrical CoVestment strategies that significantly mitigate your asset portfolio's exposure at risk. 

Private Equity

iCovest has discovered how to reinvent Private Equity as a real function of Cash Flow. By leveraging assets held in Ecclesiastical Trust, the power of equity is truly exponentiated in application granting even greater results with asymmetrical 80/20 risk mitigated / reward ratios! 

Real Estate

Property held in Ecclesiastical Trust produces cash flow with mandatory tax exceptions that are commensurate with all net-positive cash flow yields.  Qualified Strategic Philanthropists at iCovest are prepared to help you exponentiate your passive cash flow, while also protecting your assets.

Active Asset

Active Asset Management (also called Active CoVesting) is an approach we take where cash flow vehicles and new opportunities are monitored daily. In an actively managed portfolio of CoVestments, the iCovestor selects the CoVestments that make up their personal portfolio. Active CoVesting is NOT to be compared with active/passive management or index investing.


Our secret sauce for success rests in the Ecclesiastical jurisdiction of our Private Member Unincorporated F.B.O. Trusts with Mandatory Exceptions pursuant U.S.C. Title 26 § 508c1a; § 6033a3Ai.  As such we are able to exponentiate net-positive gains for all Members actively CoVested in "Common-Unity" (Community), as we pool our T3 Resources in Alliance.

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